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We are specialists in the industry of warm air heating systems in homes and in the replacement of warm air systems.

A Warm Air central heating system will provide quick warm up times to comfort levels expected from a modern heating system. The air in the house can also be electronically cleaned by Cleanflow electronic air filtration system and the heater can also incorporate a water heater. Warm Air is introduced into the room via discreet registers or diffusers which leave wall space free for positioning of furniture.

Warm Air Central Heating

Technology of the 21st century

Replacement & Installations

If your existing heater has come to the end of its useful life, you may be considering a replacement. Modern air heaters are more efficient, run quieter and can be fitted with our electronic filtration system Cleanflow.

If your existing air vents have been painted during decoration over the years, it is possible that the free area could be reduced by as much as 50%.

Why not replace them  using the new pressed steel range.

A Longer life


This is without doubt our most innovative Warm Air Heater development and with the range going up to 46kW units for the first time, they will be capable of meeting commercial heating requirements in schools, nursing homes, small hotels, retail outlets, sports halls and community centers.

Central Heating

When your air heater is operating on maximum load, all of the air within the dwelling passes across the air filter 6 times per hour. This presents the perfect opportunity to electronically clean the air and remove smaller particles such as pollen, mould and cigarette smoke.

Filters & Air Cleaner Grills & Registers

Warm Air Heating Specialist

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Cleanflow Air Cleaner

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Johnson & Starley's all new WarmCair range of Super-Efficient condensing Warm Air Central Heating appliances (10kW to 46kW)

New Range  of Johnson & Starley

Johnson & Starley's all new WarmCair range of Super-Efficient condensing Warm Air Central Heating appliances (10kW to 46kW)

Warmcair upflow. 4 models available 16kW - 46kW output range with Modulating control.

Warmcair downflow. 5 models available 10kW - 46kW output range with Modulating control.

You can now have a very high efficiency combi boiler linked to a aquair water to air heat exchanger

Instant hot water no tanks and you can keep your  high efficiency warm air.

Combi Boilers